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Final Fantasy Tactics A2


My favourite scene from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (the book sequence)! (in case it doesn’t jump to the right time sequence, move it forward to 2min 50sec)

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  • AHHHH! The ONE Final Fantasy that I can’t stand playing. lol Mainly because the fact I’m not smart enough to strategize THAT much.

    • I actually found the original PS1 Tactics game the most difficult.

      I’m pretty crap with strategy stuff too, but I found FF Tactics GBA and DS quite easy in that respect, and very enjoyable! In this video it shows my favourite part from the beginning cutscene when Luso opens the book 🙂 It caters to my childhood fantasy 😉

      • I did play the one on the GBA and liked it quite a bit. I’m just not used to playing an RPG and Chess at the same time. I might have to give it another go. lol

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