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Continuing Xenoblade

So I’ve been playing Xenoblade. I stopped a couple of days ago as I encountered a particularly difficult boss.
So today I came back and after some tweaking of gear, killing some extra mechon to level up,  I went back to that boss and got the bastard 😀
Quite happy about that 🙂 After doing that a major story point opened up and one of my suspicions were confirmed!! So glad though 😉 Am really enjoying Xenoblade. I’m at the Fallen Hand island now with a new party member 😉  I’m sure this is 3/4 of the way through the game. I want to try and finish this game before The Last Story comes here (which is around the 24th Feb). I’ve preordered the Special Edition for $79! Which is quite surprising as a Special Ed Wii game is generally over $99 but I suspect this is not a local version of the game, rather an import 😉 But I don’t mind! I’d rather pay a lower price for the game.

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