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A game from my pile of shame

So a game on my “pile of shame” is Lost Odyssey for xbox360.

This is such a wonderful RPG. It’s old school turn based (which I miss a lot lately – I’m getting tired/weary of real time combat, plus my reflexes aren’t the best now). It has some charming characters and I especially enjoyed reading the memory short stories. They were quite emotional. I also love the music from it. I wish there was a game like it for the 3DS 😉 I also like the voice option: English, Japanese and Korean.

Granted the art style does have ridiculous boobs LOL but overall the look of characters is quite nice.

Now to the music:

First is the beautiful harp version of the piece that the queen of Numara plays on her harp:

There’s also this beautiful piece that was usually played during a memory sequence and other tender moments:
(sometimes makes me choke up 😉 hehe)

And then one of my favourite battle themes I’ve ever heard in a game:

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