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First off some soothing music from Xenoblade – click play before reading on 🙂

Ok I’m really close to the end of Xenoblade – right up to the big bad boss. But I’ve encountered an annoying aspect of the game that hasn’t reared its head previously – a level wall! I’m now level 69 and apparently the final boss is around 75! So that means I now have to level up to either 75 or even 74 to attempt the boss. I really don’t like this type of level ramping. Yea I know I can do the quests but now the world is fill with high level creature and I don’t know which quests will have same level creatures or higher level creatures so it makes it more dangerous and time consuming *sigh*

Anyways, I found out that though, that I can use Melia really effectively against the high level monsters!! She has really fantastic elemental abilities – but you must control her, the AI will not use her abilities properly. So for those of you that haven’t started the game or are early into the game, I do suggest doing as many side quests that you can handle (that is, do the side quests until you feel you’ve done enough, don’t burn yourself out over it!). I think when you are about to visit the Mechonis, I recommend you being fairly close to 70, so that as you make your way through Mechonis to the main area that you need to reach, then perhaps you’ll hit or get over level 70 which should make it easier afterwards.

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