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So, I finally completed Xenoblade!


First off, start this music 🙂

Ok let’s see. I’ll try not to put spoilers into my post, so apologies if I inadvertently do!

My last post was kinda ranty about me being stuck. Well it looks like when you reach that final part (Spoiler: Bionis interior) before being level 70 it may be difficult. So I had to do stuff to help me get from 68 to 70. I then found it easier to get through the interior starting at 70. My chosen group composition was Melia, Rikki and #7 (I will not reveal who #7 is as that is a major spoiler). Melia is such an amazing character to control!! Don’t dismiss her. I think most people dismiss her because the AI does not use her abilities in the best way. That’s why she can only be controlled by the player.

Just briefly, this is how I played her: while playing her right up to the first major final boss (there are 4 final bosses to go through, the final boss having 3 stages). I had: Summon Bolt, Summon Flare, Summon Wind, Summon Earth, Power Effect, Burst End, Mind Blast, Reflection. I would start battle by activating Flare, Bolt and Wind (Str, Ether, Agi buffs) then Power Effect and Reflection. Make sure you have Aura Heal gems on your gear (it will auto heal Melia whenever Power Effect is active). Then use Elemental Discharge. It will unleash the element that is active (you’ll see 3 balls of light above Melia) in reverse order (i.e. if you did Bolt, Flare, Wind, it will unleash Wind, Flare and Bolt). So use Elemental Discharge to unleash each one separately – as you do so the talent gauge will increase (the middle circle will appear white). Reapply the elements after unleashing, and redo Reflection and Power Effect when they are available again. Once the talent gauge is full (fully white) Mind Blast and Burst End will become available (the purple abilities). Use them to decrease defense and lock arts. Once you’ve done those two, go back to the same cycle (use Earth if you feel you want to increase your Defense, unleashing Earth will poison the target).

If you’ve encountered a particularly difficult battle (like a boss) then remove Earth and put on Summon Copy, and you can replace Wind with Aqua. Summon Aqua then Summon Copy then Aqua again. This will have 3 aqua summons improving health regeneration. It’s very useful for bosses!

Another note: don’t dismiss Rikki! Rikki’s Yoink ability can steal EXPERIENCE POINTS!! Very very useful to help you level up. When you are fighting the higher level bosses, Rikki could steal anywhere between 14k to 29k XP – yes that’s right, 14,000 up to 29,000 XP!!! (just make sure you have the talents learnt in his trees)

Anyways, back to my ending hehe 🙂

So after progressing through the final bosses gauntlet (the 3 preceding the final boss) you arrive at the final boss (I won’t reveal who is and what he is).

I read up on him: he has 3 stages! First stage was challenging but doable. Second stage: OMG! Mind you, just before the 2nd last boss, you reach the point of no return, so you can’t even save your game! By the time I got to the 2nd stage, it was approaching 2am!! I tried for maybe the 4th? time and thought, that’s enough for tonight and went to bed – but I left the Wii on! The following morning I came back to the boss. I think I may have tried it 2 or 3 times that morning? And thanks to Rikki’s ability to steal XP I may have reached the magic level number of 79 which must’ve been just enough for me to defeat the 2nd stage 🙂 At the 3rd stage Shulk gets a special weapon upgrade 🙂 (I won’t say) so I switched him back into my group and defeated the 3rd stage quite easily.

Then I sat back, watched the wonderful origin story of it all, and even had a tear or two in my eye 😉

Thank you Monolithsoft and Nintendo for this game!

After this I started The Last Story – but I think I need to take a break from the Wii LOL because playing The Last Story like I played Xenoblade doesn’t work very well!! The controls for Last Story are very different. I’ll talk about Last Story once I’m actively playing it.

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