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Thoughts on Kid Icarus Uprising

So I’ve been playing Kid Icarus for a while. The art style and characters I really like.

The controls – yea these can be tricky. It’s quite good though that you can customise the controls to your liking. Flying I think I have a pretty good handle of it. I can handle it fairly well (tho I still tend to get hit a lot LOL I’m not very good at dodging attacks). Ground – I still have trouble. I sometime find myself rotating the camera too much or I’m dashing and falling of the edge of paths 🙁 One other thing I have found a little annoying in both modes: I tend to lose track of the pointer. I’ll think it’s on one side of the screen, but then I realise it’s on the other side which then throws me off for a bit and then I’d have to reorient myself (meanwhile getting hammered by ranged attacks). Which leads me to death LOL…..

I am dieing a fair bit at the suggested difficulty level. Speaking of which – thank god for the adjustable difficulty level! I have died a fair few times and let it decrease the difficulty. This means that I will be able to finish the game (at least!) 😉

Back to the look – yea the game looks really good! There’s nice environmental lighting in the game, and character models look great, especially Pit’s! It’s quite detailed. The sound is outstanding as well, including the music. It’s pretty much CD quality (sounds like a mini orchestra shoved into the game hehe).

The banter between Pit and Palutena is great too 🙂 Though unfortunately I tend to zone out during playing and I don’t hear what they’re chattering about as I’m too busy trying not to die! LOL Wish there was some sort of dialogue viewer so I can see the script at least and see which jokes I missed out on LOL

Anyways, overall I’m enjoying Kid Icarus. The extras are quite extensive. The fusion is simple (simpler than what I expected) but pretty good in that you could potentially fuse a really good weapon. The AR stuff is interesting, but really serves no purpose for the game itself. The other stuff is nice too, like the eggs.

Now let’s talk about Together LOL Quite an interesting choice of word, but it seems to work quite well when used in conversation “Let’s play Together”, “Let’s have a session Together” etc

The multiplayer works quite well! I haven’t really noticed any bad lag or anything. Though I will say I find it quite chaotic and difficult at times to keep track of what’s happening and who is nearby.

Well that’s pretty much all I can think of 🙂

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