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The Last Story

Well I’ve pretty much finished The Last Story 🙂 Currently doing the Epilogue chapters (there are 2 optional chapters to do before the actual finale).

Now to my thoughts on the game, in no particular order:

  • Wonderful/beautiful music 🙂 Nobuo Uematsu has done a great job with the music, especially the main theme! I love the violin in that 🙂 Though the vocal version is equally beautiful!
  • Characters – the characters are quite likable! I liked the little backstory quests that you can do, nice side stories
  • Voices – the voice cast was great! They added a nice touch to the characters with their varying accents and the teasing in the dialogue was more amusing thanks to their voices 😉
  • Graphics – I was just thinking about the graphics, in this game the faces have a lot of focus so they have the most detail (where compared with Xenoblade, the environments have the focus rather than the faces). The faces have nice details and features and can be quite animated in cutscenes! I noticed the little lip curls or eyebrows being raised that type of thing, little subtle movements that make the characters seem more alive 🙂
  • Customisation – you can adjust the colours to the armours your characters are wearing – very cool idea 🙂 You can make them look as garish as you like (or almost naked LOL) or you can choose colours to make them look dark and brooding hehe
  • I didn’t do all the sidequests mainly because it was difficult to keep track of what quests I had picked up. There is no quest tracker in the game 🙁 so if you leave the game and come back the next day, and didn’t write down the quest details, if you didn’t remember the quest you could easily forget it. Also there is no ingame way to track what is required for a quest (if it needs multiple items, like ingredients or whatever). It did seem that the quests were mainly fetch or kill creatures quests. I think I would’ve done all the sidequests if there was a quest tracker
  • Leveling – I never felt I was “weak” in the game and level progression went along at a great pace. Also special red summon circles are around the place, which you can activate for a quick battle and get bonus XP (the bonus does stop after a couple of turns)
  • Combat system (the bad) – Real time combat systems and I don’t get along very well 🙁 I found it a little strange that there was no button press to attack, you just move in the direction of the target and the character will auto attack. I got used to this, but it became annoying at times when trying to run away from a creature in tight quarters – I’d be moving away and a creature just happens to be there my character will attack rather than run away. Or at times when running away I would press A wanting to do the Gale slash, character would do a roll, meaning I’d have to wait for roll to finish so I could do the gale slash (you have to stand still to do the Gale slash, but can be dangerous to stand still hehe).
  • Combat system (the good) – I did like the little tactical type elements. Using the special gale slash you can either dispel an enemy magic circle or disperse a friendly magic circle. Dispelling the enemy circle would stop any benefit they are getting from it. Dispersing a friendly circle would give a buff or a certain debuff – e.g. one of the magic circles that does light damage when dispered provides a protective barrier to party members, or dispersing a fire circle will provide an armour break debuff on creatures. This element in the game made the combat interesting and in some cases necessary so that you could defeat the creature(s)
  • Story – I was pleasantly surprised by the story 🙂 Didn’t expect that at all. But some of my suspicions in the game came true with regards to the story, so it was a little predictable. But I wasn’t expecting the part about the actual “source” of the power 😉   (I won’t say what, spoilers and all that)

Overall enjoyable but SHORT game (I would say 35-40 hours for me). Thank you Mistwalker and Sakaguchi-san for making this game 🙂
I hope you make another game, be it for 3DS or Wii U, and for that game please use turn based combat 😛

I recommend this game to everyone 😀

And finally, I present this year’s Paris Fashion Show LOL
(when I first opened up the menu to look at the characters, that’s the first thing that popped into my head)

(sorry for the bad quality, I took literal screenshots with my iphone LOL)

Hmm that’s all I can think of to write about. If you have any questions, ask away 😉

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