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So I thought I’d give Pokemon another go. I asked for the copy of Black from a niece hehe
So I started it and it started off ok – got through 2 gym leader. I reached the main city. Then the game kinda changed for me.

I found myself distracted, feeling distanced from the game. While playing, I was just pressing buttons while watching the TV – I realised I just wasn’t invested or interested in the game. Also I realised that any new pokemon I receive, I would have to level up to match the other pokemon or to match the “required” level for the area. I just hate grinding, and the thought of having to level up new pokemon to match that required level – ughh 🙁
I also find it hard to play a game if I just don’t feel any connection with the game – I quickly lose interest.

Oh well – I gave it a go. This also means I’m not very likely to get B&W2 at all (I was thinking about getting it, but really, when it gets down to it, the gameplay is exactly the same)

So I’ve jumped back to my previous love – Final Fantasy Tactics A2! yay!
I love that intro movie (see my post showing my favourite scene!!)
Having a lot of fun again with that game 🙂

I really really really hope FF Tactics 3 comes to the 3DS! Imagine the features:

  • Online battles
  • Online co-op!
  • Online trade of items/weapons
  • StreetPass – items/weapons, maybe characters? (after you’ve worked on their class combos)

Plus better graphics! Maybe something similar to the semi realistic graphics from the PS2 FF12 game 🙂
Or similar stylised graphics of A2 and the GBA version, but more 3D (of course LOL)

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