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Kid Icarus Uprising – Complete

Well I finally finished Kid Icarus. I pretty much gave up on trying to “master” the game as I was finding too difficult, so I was mostly selecting intensity level 4 or 5. I died heaps of times in multiple chapters so by the end of the chapter I’d be down to level 2 or so. I just wanted to finish the game.

Ok I might start with positive points:

  • Great artstyle – the artstyle of the game is charming, light and amusing
  • Great music – the music is outstanding. CD quality with full orchestra and great variations of the main theme
  • Features – there’s certainly a LOT of extras packed into this game: weapon fusion, gems from StreetPass/SpotPass, achievements, collecting zodiac weapons. Will keep people who enjoy that type of thing quite busy!
  • Story – quite an interesting story with some interesting twists! The banter between characters is quite amusing (including the little 4th wall comments)
  • Difficulty option – very glad it came with a difficulty selection, otherwise I would not have been able to complete the game. This is a great feature in the game though, and I can see the completionists out there going at it with higher difficulty to open those special doors. For me, I’m glad I can make the game easier to make it past the difficult sections. Upon dieing, the game would just decrease the difficulty level and you can try again – I know this happened for me a lot!!

Ok negative points:

  • Controls – at first I thought the controls were ok. I did sort of get to grips with it, but as I kept playing it I found my hands getting tired.
  • Flight mode – was ok and I was able to handle it, what I found annoying was that there was way too much stuff happening on screen and I found it difficult to keep track of what I was targetting and what I had to dodge etc. I particularly found it difficult keep track of the reticle! I would lose it quickly on screen and found myself shooting in the wrong area at times.
  • Ground mode – this is where I found the most difficulty. Camera movement was fairly frustrating at time. There were times where I wasn’t sure if there was an invisible wall or not (it wasn’t consistent): some areas had dangerous platforms where you could fall off the edge, other areas had platforms with invisible walls and you couldn’t fall off. Some of the creatures were not obvious on how to defeat so took me way too many times to work out how to defeat (like that stupid tank or certain bosses). I also found it annoying with regards to dashing – I found the flicking needed to set off a dash would sometimes be tricky and at times I find myself falling off the platform because I dashed when I meant to just walk/run.
  • Difficulty – even with lower level, I still found the game quite difficult and would find myself knocked out or knocked off platforms or simply overwhelmed
  • Dialogue/Story – the dialogue was interesting and amusing – the problem is I would be so focused on the combat that I’d miss what the characters were talking about (let alone read what they were saying!!). I like the idea of giving the story through in game chat etc but it makes me realise how cutscenes have their part in a game too. While you are not concentrating on the game, you can see some of the story. I think that perhaps they should’ve included a section that allowed you to view/watch the little cutscenes that played out on the bottom screen during play (or even provided access to the script to read later). I’m sure I missed some story points due to my concentration and I just can’t be bothered playing the chapter again to see those points (well it would also be pointless, as I would likely miss them again due to concentration!)
  • Vehicles – I found vehicles cumbersome and annoying to ride – they could’ve been done better

Towards the end (maybe the last 5-10 chapters?) I found my frustration level rise with the game! Some of the boss battles were annoying and tedious. One of the areas, the big tower I found very tedious as well as the chariot boss battle or that battle where about 13 waves of creatures came at you – that was very tiring!

Anyways, overall its a very densely packed game with a lot of stuff to do. It’s just a pity they didn’t have more time to fine tune the controls and/or integrate the circle pad pro properly into the game.

For those who finished Kid Icarus, what did you think? (don’t bag me out too much! 😛 )

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  • I can see why the game would wear someone down. I stayed away from the default control method and opted for aiming the reticule with the face buttons. It’s not as precise, but its not as hand-hurty. Despite that I finished the game in far less time than I did the original. It took years for me to understand what was going on in that for some reason. lol

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