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So looks like I may not be playing Mario again….

So I’ve been thinking about me and Mario hehe
I’ve been playing New Super Mario Bros 2. I was in the last world. I felt kinda frustrated with the 2nd last level as I kept dying and then the white raccoon suit appeared so I used it just to get through. I vented a little on fb hehe

Anyways, I was playing through Bowser’s castle. When I reached the battle, it just confused me. I vented again and was pretty much told what to do.
So I did and got through. Then the special area unlocked – I then found out I needed 90 star coins! I only had 17!! Pretty much any motivation I had left for the game dissolved. I don’t think I’ll play any more.

Another aspect that I really hate is hearing people casually say how easy the Mario games have been (same has been said of Zelda and I have found them difficult). I just hate hearing that, as it puts a preconception into my mind that the game must be easy (ie well if these people think the game is easy then the game must be easy) then I play the game and find it difficult – then I start doubting myself, thinking well I must be a really shit player if I’m not finding this easy. Then the whole experience just becomes frustrating.

Just a little background on Mario games and me. I finished Super Mario World on SNES back in the day. I also finished Mario 64. Things started going downhill when I encountered Mario Sunshine. There were 2 levels that I needed to complete to be able to continue, both had short time constraints (they had to be done within a time limit). I basically rage quit as I just couldn’t do it within the time limit (one was clearing the beach of muck, the other was racing the idiot artist guy). It also cemented my HATE for timed events in games – I absolutely LOATHE them! (It’s what killed Zelda Phantom Hourglass for me with its loathsome Temple).

Anyways, since Sunshine I haven’t finished the other Mario games. NSMB for DS – I didn’t finish as I couldn’t find the way to the next area. NSMB Wii – just irritated the hell out of me. Galaxy 1 – I found overly difficult. Galaxy 2 I skipped as I heard it was much harder than #1. 3D Mario Land – I will say I finished it, but just the “main” game. I only got to Special 5-Castle and that’s where I stopped as it has that idiotic 30 second limitation to it.

With New Super Mario Bros 2 – I’ve finished the main game. At around 20k coins and only 17 Star Coins. Need 90 Star Coins to unlock the special extra world ๐Ÿ™
And pretty much my feeling and motivation over NSMB2 has been spoiled.

Same kinda applies to Mario Kart. I’ve pretty much played every single Mario Kart that has been released, and I end up in the same situation. I just can’t get the hang of any races at 100cc or 150cc. Even back in the original SNES version I found it difficult. I just lose control very easily. With the Wii, DS and 3DS version, it’s only cemented how bad I am since almost everyone races at 100cc/150cc. It’s no fun being almost last in every race! I only got it to play with people online.

But now I’m thinking: I’m not likely to get the next Mario Bros game, or the next Mario Kart. I’m even consider same for Smash Bros – that’s kinda whole ‘nother thing, mainly that the game feels like a button masher to me.

Anyways, I think I’ve rambled enough LOL

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