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Why I don’t like Pokemon

So I’ve been thinking about this a bit, about why I don’t like Pokemon. A couple of things come to mind.

The main point is the mind numbing grinding required in the game. This is the major killer for me.

But another thing comes to mind – meta gaming. I don’t think I’m a big meta gamer, but it seems you need to be a meta gamer to play Pokemon. I don’t like that there are hidden stats in the game. When I got to the stats screen, I expect to see all the stats I need to know about so I know what to focus on to make my character etc stronger/better. I don’t like that there are hidden stats in the game. You basically need to look up stuff to find out how to get the hidden stat upgraded or whatever – why? Why can’t this be shown in the game?

Also why can’t I look up relevant information in the pokedex, in particular the types and which type is weak or strong against another type. I find it difficult to keep track of all the types, and don’t get me started on the combo types! I have absolutely no idea when it comes to combo types and it just confuses and frustrates me when a pokemon faints and I have no idea what the weakness was.

But I think the main thing that kills the game is the grind. I tried Black 1 a while ago. I didn’t last long LOL Basically when I realised that the new pokemon I just got for the new area will need to be leveled, just so I could survive the gym, I lost interest. I probably would’ve needed to grind the pokemon to get them a couple of levels up. The game just became so monotonous and boring, I remember just sitting there watching TV and just randomly pressing buttons just to get through the battle. If a future pokemon game lessened the grind then maybe I might consider playing it (as well as improving the information displayed in the game).

Ok mini rant over 😛


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