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So I now have a Wii U :)

Last night I picked up a Wii U 🙂

The initial update I think took about an hour in total. The download took the longest, but applying the update was fairly quick. It was funny, pretty much everyone who showed up at the local Kmart (as they had a great deal) I think everyone there was after a black Wii U 😉

Anyways, coming home and setting it up was a cinch, plug everything in and away you go 🙂

Syncing is a lot easier too! Just press the sync button on the controller when it tells you, and it’s done!

Before I even set the update up, I set up my details. If you hav a 3DS you can easily send your Mii over to the Wii U – saves time having to recreate your Mii 🙂 Once I created my profile I then let the update through. Once the update was done I was able to set up the Nintendo ID which is done through the profile editor. That was fairly easy to do too! Just follow the prompts and you’re done!

Now one thing to be aware of, you need to visit the Friends list first. Press the Home button, go into friends list (orange icon) and go through the initial set up. Once done you can leave the friends list. The Friends list basically acts very much like the 3DS list. The reason you wouldn’t use it as much, if you add a friend through there you get no notifications. That’s why you go to Miiverse.

In Miiverse in the user menu, search for a friend and add them that way (also Follow them), you will then get notification when they accept and they get notification of friend request. It works better that way 🙂

Miiverse itself is great to use! It’s pretty easy to use!

Communities – this lists all the game related communities. You can see the messages people have posted for that game. One of the cool little things to keep an eye on when reading other people’s posts, is a little cube icon with a tick. If you see that, that means they have the game. If you don’t see it, they don’t. It’s an easy way to spot the trolls to report and/or ignore 😉 In NSMBU you can leave notes in the NSMBU community if you achieve something in a level (like no damage) or if you die too many times hehe

Activity Feed – shows what your friends have been posting

Messages – you can leave personal messages to friends

Notifications – this shows you if someone made a comment or clicked Yeah! on your post, as well as notifying you of incoming friend requests

I’ve already bought one game in the eShop – Nano Assault. It looks really good!! Unfortunately, Trine 2 is currently not in our eShop 🙁 I hope it comes soon! The eShop is really to use too. I like how you can just scroll down and you can see everything in one “page”. You can also view videos of games and so far there is only 1 demo, some sports game. I hope more demos make an appearance!!

Games wise I have New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendoland. Have been playing a bit of NSMBU and its been fun so far 🙂 So many touches in that game remind me of #3 and Super Mario World 🙂

Nintendoland I’ll play a bit later 😉 but I have tried it before and it has some fun games, especially when you have a couple of people around.

So that’s my take so far. If you have any questions, ask away!! 😀

(you can see I’ve placed the GamePad on my desk, out of reach from my cats LOL)

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