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The Wii U experience :)

So I’ve had the Wii U for a while now and I must say its a great system!

First off, I need to mention the Miiverse. It’s the built in Nintendo made social network. Each game has its own community. One of the nifty features is when you post to a game community and you physically have the game, there is a marker placed on your profile so people can see that you actually have the game. Makes it easier to ignore trolls 🙂

The one aspect I’m a little disappointed with is the screenshot system. It happens automatically when you press the Home button and becomes available when you’re composing a message. I just wish the screenshots actually got saved and you could access any screenshots. They’re also locked inside and only stay there that one time, if you press Home again, it goes away.
There’s also moderation, so you really have to think about which words you use as your message could get moderated. Now of course I’m talking about obvious words, but some words seem to trip up the moderation system.

Apart from the negative points, the Miiverse is really good! A nice community where you will get helpful suggestions when you post a question! (instead of trolling)

For the moment I just have Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U. Nintendo Land is quite good! I would say its better than Wii Sports 🙂 There’s a lot of stuff to do in the game, even solo. So far I’ve finished Pikmin Adventure (which just unlocks some advanced levels). If you’re considering a Wii U, make sure to get the Premium version as it comes bundled with Nintendo Land as well as a special point system linked with the eShop (buying games gives you points that you can then use to get $5-$7 – depends on your region – to spend in the eShop).

New Super Mario Bros U is better than what I expected. I was ok with the previous releases on the 3DS but I found them frustrating to play after a while. At the moment that’s on hold while I play Paper Mario 😉

I also recently won a competition and will be getting Warriors Orochi 3! Woohoo!

eShop wise I got Nano Assault NEO which is a great little arcade shooter game, shooting at viruses etc
I’m waiting for the Directors Cut of Trine 2 to come out here, it seems to keep getting delayed 🙁 hopefully it will be out in the new year!!

So how’s your experience with the Wii U been?


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  • I still need to try a shooter on the wii. I should probably just buy metroid prime trilogy before it gets too pricey. Glad you’re enjoying Wii U though! I think we’re going to get a PS3 before we go there, but I like the system.

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