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Paper Mario: Sticker Star. A kinda/sorta review

Nintendo’s latest Paper Mario game, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, I hate to admit it, is not fantastic 🙁
Which makes me sad. Had to beat me over the head with it by actually playing it (as I was adamant that it wasn’t as bad as everyone was saying it was).

I’m currently in the 5th area, about a level or 2 away from the final one. UPDATE: Currently in Bowser’s Castle, almost done!
Anyways, I started out with a positive view of the game and now as I’m nearing the end, I just want to finish the game, museum be damned!

I think the issues for me:

  • The reflex game play, that is, pressing A at the right time when attacking to get bonus attack and pressing A when defending to block. I find in defensive mode I tend to mis-time my button press. I remember this being the issue and why I gave up on 1000 Year Door (both offensive/defensive), but I will say Sticker Star is more forgiving with the button presses!
  • No RPG elements. I think the game would’ve been enjoyable with the RPG elements. At first I thought of the coins and stickers as a way of “leveling” up but really Mario doesn’t change much except for health. There’s no sense or impression of become stronger.
  • Minimalist story. This is the part where I wish I could tell Miyamoto to shut up. Just because people didn’t like the story in Super Paper Mario doesn’t mean you just rip it out completely! I think that’s a backwards way of going about it. Why not, oh I don’t know, write a GOOD story for a change?? Though I don’t like Miyamoto’s view that games shouldn’t have a story. I tend to get bored with games that are only “game play”. I need the story to help me through the game, keep my interest and motivation going.
  • Puzzles – ha – I’m not a freaking mind reader! I don’t like puzzles that require you to be a mind reader to work out what the designers were thinking at the time. Plus Kersti is useless (apart from being annoyingly bitchy). Because of these so called puzzles, I just have a walkthrough at hand. I don’t want to waste time and stickers just trying to work out which thing or sticker I need to use (tho I admit I don’t look anything up when its obvious hehe)
  • I’ve found the game not as funny as reviews seemed to suggest! I’ve just been amused. Could this be from the lack of writing/story?
  • Kersti – people say they find Navi annoying and that character from Skyward Sword (I haven’t played Skyward Sword yet so I can’t compare). I think Kersti is annoying!! Actually downright irritating and at times bitchy! One minute she’s all cute and happy, the next she’s angry and annoyed. And I don’t like how she was irritated with Mario right from the beginning. That just rubbed me the wrong way LOL

UPDATE: Ok so I finished the game – all done! I’ll just add, I finally CARED for Kersti during the Bowser battle!! I don’t think it should take almost the whole game to care/like a character, especially one that travels with you through the whole game!

I think those are my negative points.

Some positives

  • Art style – the art style is fantastic! I do really like the paper theme and it is used consistently well throughout the game. The corrugated cardboard look for thick walls and floors looks great too (even coins and hearts). I’ve been playing the game at maximum 3D setting on my XL and the 3D feels quite smooth and looks great!
  • Music – the music is another outstanding part of the game. It’s like having a little band inside the 3DS 😉 its certainly worthy of a soundtrack CD release!

So yeah, overall I’m disappointed. I was really looking forward to this game, and now that I’ve been playing the game these issues come up and detract from my enjoyment of the game. If they wrote a good story for it and had more RPG elements I think it would’ve been much better.

Oh Nintendo, so close, so close….. ;_;

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