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Recent Nintendo Direct

So recently Nintendo presented their Nintendo Direct broadcast recently.

Here is the broadcast:

Just going to talk about the bits that I found interesting 🙂

So first off, he chats about Miiverse and its update and expansion! That’s great news! It’ll be great to be able to make a custom community. Also the Miiverse will very soon be accessible in any browser. You would simply use your Nintendo ID and password to login. Though I was hoping they’d mention Miiverse for 3DS. I have a suspicion that it will be coming to the 3DS in the next month or so. I hope so anyways 😀

Next Iwata spoke about a Wii U update in the next couple of months. This will address the loading speed of the menus.

After going through the upcoming games, Iwata then turned to Bayonetta 2 – the exclusive sequel!

Yay! Though I was hoping for more “complete” info, not a behind the scenes showing work in progress, although it was cool to see none-the-less! From seeing this it looks that maybe the release will be in latter half of the year?

The next game Iwata announced completely took me by surprise!

A Shin Mega Tensei crossover game with Fire Emblem! Iwata mentioned that Nintendo would like to do more of these types of games and this will be the first. Sounds good to me! Atlus has confirmed that it will be an RPG so that’s great news already! Looking forward to seeing more about this game (I’m sure there will be plenty at E3).

And then the Nintendo Direct ended with game footage that made me the most excited 😀

This footage just screams Xenoblade to me! LOL! The action bar, the locations, the way the characters look, and Shulk look-a-like near the end! Personally I hope its a sequel to Xenoblade, perhaps set some time in future. But if this RPG ends up being in some new setting, I’ll be fine with that too 🙂
Will be interesting to hear more details, which I hope come out at E3.

Seems like E3 will probably be big for Nintendo! Game footage, game details, lots of screenshots! Will be fun 🙂

Oh and Nintendo, hurry up and tells us when we will be getting Luigi’s Mansion 2 in Australia!!


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