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Finished Crimson Shroud

Now for mini review for this mini game 🙂

I liked it.

Even though I had to “grind” I didn’t mind that too much as combat was interesting and had the random element to it due to the dice rolls that are used for certain abilities.

Though I do have a complaint with the game. Some information was not clear enough in game, like weapon fusion. I understood fusing spells with gear (weapons and armours) but not weapon to weapon or armour to armour. For example, if you have Weapon X, fuse it with another Weapon X (same name) and you will get Weapon X+1 (where the stats of the weapon get +1).

The story is fairly simple but interesting. By default the text scrolls across the screen at stately pace. There is an option to speed it and I recommend using the fastest option for the text. But apart from that, I didn’t mind the reading between combat.

The art style was quite nice. Even though texture wise it looked a little rough, the tabletop RPG figurines used to represent the characters and creatures/enemies looked good. During combat, the figurines moved and bounced throughout combat, giving them a sense of life.

The music: now this is outstanding! I believe it is the same composer that made the music for FF Tactics. The music has a note of familiarity. It’s used quite nicely in the game, giving it a great sense of atmosphere.

I recommend this eShop game to any fans of RPGs, especially if you like old style D&D games with dice 🙂

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