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Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros

Mario & Luigi Dream Team

So, Mario & Luigi. First off, I’ll start by saying that this game is so much better than Paper Mario Sticker Star. The characters are more engaging and amusing (like the Beef brothers you meet when you go visit the mountain. I couldn’t help but “hear” them speaking with bad russian accents and laugh), the story, while light, is simple and interesting. The main thing with Mario & Luigi – all the RPG elements are there!!!

So leveling up is pretty much same as before. Stats will get their values and you can then choose where to add bonus stats. Also at every 8 levels you get a Rank Up which allows you to select a perk eg Extra XP or Extra gear slot. At Level 40 you gain Rainbow Rank (and you can choose 2 perks).
The gear that you pick up and buy can be useful to improve your attack power etc


Now I’ll just make a note of a problem that I encountered (and most of this is due to my experience, and not necessarily a fault of the game). Like the previous games (and in a way, Paper Mario) the game incorporates what I call “reflex gameplay”. You need to press buttons at the right time to either have stronger attacks, make successful counter attacks or make a defensive move. My issue is that I could either never work out how to best counter a creature’s attack or my timing was always off. One nasty aspect of this is that if you do miss certain counter attacks etc a domino effect can occur and you can die very easily.
Another aspect that kinda annoyed me was that some boss battles felt like they went on and on for too long. But that could also be due to my poor play 😉

This leads me to another aspect. On dying you are presented with a Retry screen. One of the new options is to Retry in Easy mode. Thank you Nintendo for giving this option! Otherwise I would not have gotten through the game.

I have noticed in various reviews and comments from people, that it seems the tutorial dialogue and the way it’s presented can come across condescending/patronising. While I didn’t really see it that way (and I generally just quickly clicked through the dialogue), I could see that. Perhaps for the next game Nintendo could make it an option that people can easily turn off the tutorial stuff if they want.

I spent almost 70 hours on this game. Though I have heard people spending much less on it. I guess it depends on how much you explore etc
For those wanting a Mario RPG experience, I highly recommend this game, and I love the focus on Luigi in this game 🙂
And really, he is the star in this game 😀

Feel free to ask me anything about this game. I may have missed commenting about somethng.

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