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About Me




So what can I say about me?


Not much really hehe


I enjoy playing games, making up websites (still learning though!), reading, listening to music.


I have 5 cats and 1 dog:

So I’ve quite the menagerie of furry children 😉

So let’s go over the bits that I like.

Games – I generally prefer RPGs, RPG-like games, like SRPGs (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 1 and A2 are my favourites!).
I don’t really like shooter games (I tend to get bored within 15 min of playing them). My preferred system is the PC and Nintendo 3DS. If you want swap 3DS codes, please email me. My 3DS code is on the right side below my Mii.

Music – well my big two artists that I adore are the B-52s and Deee-Lite

I also like Towa Tei, Pizzicato Five, Goldfrapp, Roisin Murphy and a couple of others 😉

Book wise, I really like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, namely:

  • Equal Rites
  • Wyrd Sisters
  • Witches Abroad
  • Colour of Magic/The Light Fantastic
  • Pyramids
  • Small Gods
  • Reaper Man
  • Hat Full of Sky

I also enjoy scifi, like Star Trek (heck I was a Star Trek nut around 10 years ago).


3DS Code: 0903-2758-0800Miiverse: diaglyph